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Are we really what we think ourselves to be?

Let me ask you this question. Are we all really what we think ourselves to be?

So many friendships, so many relationships ended because one person thought that the other person is fake.

Fake. We all hate fakeness. We all hate hate fake people. But, is anyone really real? Are we real? Are we all authentic?

Aren’t we all fake?
We all have a mask that we wear. And we wear it every single day.

Well, if it isn’t clear what does wearing a mask means. Then let me put it this way:
Ever been in a relationship and said you were single to all you close one’s? Well, my friend that’s wearing a mask. Ever loved green vegetables more than junk food and denied it? Well, my friend it’s wearing a mask. Ever wanted to help a person who was being bullied by everyone but you can’t instead you became a part of that bully gang. Then my dear friend it’s again wearing a mask.

Ever enjoyed doing something very much but can’t enjoy in front of others. Then that’s wearing a mask.

Well, I hope that now you got the idea of what wearing a mask means.
Well, we think that the mask we are wearing is in front of others. But the harsh truth is that we are what we impersonate.

Are we really what we think ourselves to be?

Everyone of us have heard “Be Yourself”. But what does being yourself means? Do we really try to be ourselves or do we try to be the person that the society thinks is authentic.

I think we try to be a person according to the standards set by the society. Very few of us really know who we really are.

The irony here is that we are our true selves when we wear a mask. Ok, ok let me help you understanding this. Just think that you are with a full crowd of people, then you will behave a particular way. But if everyone is wearing a mask and you are free to do whatever you want then you will be you true selves.

Well, now again let me ask you Are we really what we think ourselves to be?

Well, sometimes it may be important to wear a mask in the same way as sometimes it’s important to tell someone a lie to protect them from the truth. But let’s stop wearing our masks for so long that even we forget who we really are.

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