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Are they, The ONE?

How do you know, if they are the one?
Yes, a few times you both have met.
Yes, they used to text you initially till the midnight oil used to burn,
Although they knew you can’t wake up that long,
but for them it was a test.
Love to them is a pain.
Try telling them their issues, and their solid pitch
will make all of them, from your mind, faint.
But wait.. did their actions ever resonated what they said?

They are great story teller.
Of your feeling, of your time, of your emotions,
they are the expeller.
You will always find them having excuses,
Do they feel you are a bit foolish?
You had your dreams and your ambitions,
you moulded them to fit in their life
do they value your sacrifice?

Well, No I guess.
They expect you to treat them and their people as their own,
well, the answer you have already known.


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28th August 2022

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4th September 2022

Are they the one? A beautifully written sad poem on love.
Are they the one? A beautifully written sad poem on love.