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5 lies I grew up believing are true

Well, before I started using my brains I used to believe everything that was said by my teachers or my parents or anyone without researching it. So, today I want to share 5 lies I grew up believing are true.

Trust me once you start researching about things, you may one day discover that your whole life is a lie.

So, here are 5 things that I always thought were true. But, with time I discovered they are not. Maybe you could relate to a few of them. Do tell me in the comments if you did relate to any of them.a

1. Humans come from monkeys

Well, we think that Charles Darwin said that humans come from monkeys. But, the reality is that he never said it directly. In his work “On the origin of species” he stated that monkeys, apes, and humans must have a common ancestor because of our great similarities compared to other species.

5 lies I grew believing.

2. We have only five senses.

Well, some scientists insist that we have at least 21 senses including balance, pain, and temperature.

5 senses of humans.

3. If you eat your nails a tree will grow inside your stomach.

I think most have us have heard this lie by our parents a million times during our childhood whenever we used to chew our nails, so that we stop our bad habit of eating nails.

5 lies I grew believing.

4. Complan increases height.

No, No, No it doesn’t. But you can still drink it if plain milk sounds boring to you.

5 lies I grew up believing.

5. Bulls hate red.

Hmmm, ever ran away from a Bull because you were wearing red? Well, I did many times. But, Bulls are actually color blind. It’s not the color red. They actually perceive the motions of bullfighters cloth as a threat.

5 lies I

Well, those were the 5 lies that I grew up believing are true. I hope you could relate to some of them. Also, if there are any more lies that you always thought are true until now, do share them with me.

Bye, bye till the next time. Stay safe, stay happy, and stay positive.

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