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Life lessons I have learned till now.

Everyone of us have a different story. And through these stories we learn some important lessons. Given below are few of the life lessons I have learned till now. Hope these will help someone.

1. Don’t take anything for granted. (Yes, this is the most important life lesson I have learned till now.)

I know it sounds very cliché but it is true. Respect what you have at present because you may lose it the very next moment.
Appreciate your parents, your friends, your relatives and everyone because nobody stays in your life forever. Be
happy, it’s free.Try to appreciate the little things in life because you will never know when they will turn into only memories.

2. Your health comes first.

There are so many times when we give importance to our work or studies and less attention to our health. We create so much pressure on ourselves and want to achieve so much in life that sometimes we forget to appreciate this beautiful gift called life. It’s important to have your priorities straight and your own health should always be your first priority.

3. Patience is a virtue.

Me being an extremely impatient person can very well tell you that patience is really a virtue. The more impatient you are the more are the more chances that you will spoil every work you do.

4. Nobody really cares about you except your parents.

I know it is very heart breaking to know this but nothing can be more true than this. Only your parents genuinely cares about you and nobody else. No matter how close the other person is to you. The real love always comes through parents.

And one more thing. I hate to admit it but your parents are always right. They may not be as technology savvy as you are but they have seen life in a far better way than you have. Trust them.

5. It doesn’t hurts to be kind.

Sometimes we are so busy in our lives that we often take out our frustation on others. But you will be amazed to know that even if you send a single message to someone, reading which they can feel happy I can’t tell you how grateful you will feel. It really never hurts to be kind.

Life lessons I have learned.

Thank you so much for reading. Those were some of the life lessons I have learned.I would love to know the lessons you have learned. So, please do share them with me.

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