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Living a frugal life


Hello my beautiful people, How are you all doing. And I am not just asking for the sake of asking. I want to be here for all the people who are reading this post in any possible way. So, don’t think you are alone, you have got a friend. Now coming to today’s post titled “Living a frugal life“. The post if going to be about being frugal and how to live a frugal life, and honestly this topic is really close to my heart.


What exactly does frugal means?

Well, if I can explain you in simple terms it generally means being careful in the use of one’s money or resources.


Does being frugal means you don’t get to enjoy life?

Absolutely not, you can enjoy your life to the fullest while being frugal also. Well, if you think about it even if you can spend all the money you have to do things you like, will you still be happy?

Maybe for few hours but what after that?

If you learn to be frugal, you learn to be creative, you find ways to enjoy and do things without spending a ton of money.


So, now the real question is what are the ways you can save money.


Here are few of the things which I try to follow to live a frugal life, you can also have a look and see if any one of the below points is suitable for you.


1. Avoid overshopping.

I know trying to avoid things when you went to a supermarket or when something is on sale is extreme difficult.

But you can overcome this by never going hungry to the supermarket. Trust me when you will go hungry, you will end up buying twice more than what you actually need.

Also, buying in sale is a good idea, but only try to buy things which you really really need.


2. Learn to reuse and recycle.


We have so many things which we can reuse in our homes, instead of just throwing them away because they are now old.

For example, you can use old clothes for dusting, you can use empty cans as your pens holder.


3. Make a budget.

No matter what your monthly salary or pocket money is. Just make a budget and stick to it. And at the end of every month check if you haven’t spend extra.


4. Make savings a habit.

Before spending your money try saving a fixed amount every money, you can open fixed deposit or recurring deposits where the bank can auto debit each month from your account itself.

If you are into stocks, you can also decide a fixed budget to invest in stocks per month.


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Ways to be frugal.

5. Make use of coupons and discounts.

Most of the time there are n number of offers going on our credit cards or e-commerce sites. Before buying anything, make sure that you check if it is possible to get more discount on the product by using a coupon or not.


So, those were some of the points which I follow to save money.  Are you also living a frugal life? What are your steps for being frugal? Do let me know in the comments below. It would really help me.

Till the, TATA , take care. Until next time.


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