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The era I lived in. Born in 1997.

Hi guys, How are you all doing? I hope you all are doing good. And if you are not, just hang in there, things will get better sooner than you imagine. And in a much better way than you could imagine. Now, coming back to the post, just a few days ago, I was thinking about the era I lived in.


How it all started?

One day I went on a walk with my sister, and we were just talking about the good old days.

When suddenly, the topic of our conversation changed to “Oh, do you remember the time when there was just jungle here and we could see whole town.”

Now, that jungle has changed to a what we can call a developed city.

Right to left everywhere there are just houses and shops and tall buildings.


What all did I remember from the era I lived in?

Thinking about  the childhood I remembered everything. You know the tension free life, watching cartoons with my brother as soon as I came back from home. Those Ninja Hathori, Doraemon, Shinchan, Richie rich, oggy and the cockroaches, Oh and so much more. 

Earlier we didn’t have dish TV due to financial constraints.

And my father was working hard to fill the school and tuition fees for me, my sister and my brother. We knew, and we never complained.

Because earlier spending time with family was all that mattered, we knew how to live life without being stuck to our phones.

But when we did get dish TV, my brother and I yelled at the top of our throats, we felt we have conquered the world and this is ultimate happiness, there is no bigger happiness than this.

The sheer joy of seeing the rain rain pouring, thinking if the school will get cancelled, going to school, gossiping with friends.

I mean the era, the era I lived in, I wish I could go back to being a child again.

My only worry, if I would get caught doing mischiefs.


The era I lived in.


And there is more.

Not only this, when I was a child, we knew our whole neighborhood, unlike today where people don’t even know who live next door.

And in the evening, children of whole neighborhood despite their gender, despite their race, used to gather and play all sort of games, hide and seek, baraf pani, cricket and all.

Going to play was like going to a battle, and we used to come back like a king who has won, all soaked in sweat and mud.

Also, the first time we got a pnt phone in our home, me and my friend got it at the same time, so we both talked in the evening and my whole family gathered around while I was talking, amazed to see how we can talk on this device with another person.

The joy of sharing.

Unlike today, when we can order anything we like, any time we want. Earlier we had to struggle, and that struggle has it’s own charm.

I still remember, when we would eat one toffee, one samosa, one packet of kurkure in ages, and yet that one packet was shared with everone had home.

We enjoyed it, that expectation of whenever mom or dad would come from market, that expectation of thinking, if they got something for us or not.

Oh that feeling!! and that disappointment when nothing was bought.

Yet, we never throwed a tantrum, because we knew even if we did nothing would change.

But we thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.


Glad to live in both Era.

I am glad to have lived both the era’s.

I have lived in the era when there was no phones, no android TV’s, no fast delivery, no Domino’s, no big malls.

Furthermore, I have seen, mobile phone with buttons, I have seen PNT phones, I have sent letters from post, I know the joy of not being engrossed in our own individual phones but eating together as a family, spending time as a family.

I have also seen the era with chat gpt, where I can call anyone I want from anywhere I want. I can order anything I want from anywhere I want, everything is so easy, yet there is so much missing.

My take

So, now what’s my take?

I won’t say one is better than the other. Every time and every era has it’s own pros and cons. Yet I sometimes wish to have a peaceful life as a child with no technologies around me.

I know how much helpful technology can be and it is. Yet, I would never go back and change even a single part of my childhood.

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