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Arrogant, egoistic and condescending people exists everywhere, not only in workplace, but we will meet them in all phases of our lives. And sometimes they affect us too much. Dealing with such condescending people is not easy. We all need some tips for dealing with condescending people at workplace.

So, in this post I will share some tips for dealing with such condescending with at workplace:

1. Remeber that work and your personal life are two different things:

Whatever happens at your workplace, should remain in workplace. I know it’s hard, but all the satisfaction in life shouldn’t come from work. Try diverting your mind to other things. Have atleast one hobby.

2. Don’t take everything personally:

What people say, shows who they are and less about us. People whose work don’t speak for them, are generally the one’s pulling other people down, so that others don’t see their short comings.


3. Speak up!:

Well, let’s agree that it’s not a slap me in one cheek and I will show you the other world anymore. There is a limit of tolerating someone’s behaviour, when you feel that their behaviour is going out of hands then confront them. Sometimes it is important to give people a taste of their own medicine.


Tips on dealing with condescending people at workplace
Speak up. Even if your are an introvert, try standing for yourself.


4. They teach you how not to behave with others:

Every person we meet in our life has crossed paths with us, has come to teach us something. These condescending people teach us how we should never behave with other people.


5. Empathize with them:

Even after doing everything, if these people don’t change their behaviour, it’s best to come to terms with the fact that maybe they are not well, maybe they are facing some issues personally and workplace is the only place they can rant. So, ignore them and focus on yourself and your work.


Because in the end it’s our work and our behaviour that defines us not what other people say or do about us.


Have you also ever faced such people, how did you deal with them. Do share your tips on dealing with condescending people at workplace. Your comment might help someone.

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