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A trip to Connaught Place, Delhi.

How are you all? Hope you are having a good time and you must be enjoying your weekend to the fullest and maybe also doing your pending work. This post is about my trip to Connaught Place, Delhi

So, one weekend me and my friends thought to have some fun time at Connaught Place, Delhi.

But, before sharing my experience just a friendly advice to everyone. Whenever you visit Delhi do come to Connaught Place because I know you’ll love it. Without wasting much of your time let me begin sharing my experience on the trip to Connaught Place.

  • So, How to reach C.P(Connaught Place) ?

The nearest metro station to C.P is Rajiv Chowk. The station is underground and interchange station for blue line and yellow line. And, C.P is at a walking distance from Rajiv chowk metro station.

And now let’s come to the interesting part:

  • What we did after reaching there?

1. First we went to Saravan Bhawan. Because, It is famous for it’s South Indian food and I love Dosa. And believe me the food there was amazing 😄.So,We ordered:

a. Masala dosa

masala dosa at saravan bhawan.

b. Onion Uthappams

A trip to Connaught Place

c. And an onion rawa dosa

onion rawa dosa at saravan bhawan

2. After that we did some shopping at Janpath market. There we ended up buying some very nice winter clothes at very reasonable price.

3. Till then again we became hungry. So, we decided to go to “Attitude, Kitchen and Bar”. And we were lucky enough as there was live show also going on there. So there we ate

a. Dry chilli paneer and

b. Honey chilli potato

And enjoyed the live show to the fullest.

After that we became so tired that we decided to go back to our places. And on our way we saw this amazing car:

amazing car

After 15 minutes of continuously admiring this car we got back to our places. So, it was a very short,sweet and a bit tiring trip.

If you have ever been to Cannaught Place,Delhi do tell me your experience. I would love to know.

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