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My first flight experience. Was it dreadful?

Hearing the roaring sound from the sky, me and my brother would run up to the terrace, to catch a glimpse of the creature that was flying in the sky. I never thought one day I would be sharing my first flight experience.

Those childhood memories are still very crystal clear in my mind. When me and my brother would just run outside our room onto to the terrace, to see the aeroplane. Sometimes we would miss it, but sometimes we would just reach in time to see it.

With our heads totally tilted upwards, to see the plane and our hands wavering that tiny little bird like creature and our lips rotating in a motion saying “bye,bye”. We used to think that people sitting inside it would be able to see us and would be responding to our “bye, bye”. It used to look so tiny.

The aeroplane used to fly away so quickly within minutes. But that urge to run fast from our rooms to just catch a glimpse of it. Isn’t that’s what childhood is about? These tiny little things used to give us all the happiness. Anything which was out of our regular routine, seeing or hearing that would give us immense happiness.

Well, to sit in a flight, was very special moment for me. All those childhood memories came running back to me.

My flight was on April 2022. I decided to visit Puri along with my friends. Puri is in Odhisha, India. The trip itself had been very special, but in this post I would like to just talk about my experience in sitting in the flight for the first time.

1.It was time to reach the airport.

I had my flight from Indira Gandhi international terminal, Delhi. The excitement that I had for weeks, was too much to handle. Tickets were booked and I had opted for the window seat, because I didn’t want to miss the outside view.

I had read all the stuff that was available on the internet on how to board a flight and watch every possible video, I didn’t wanted to look lost there.

Finally the much awaited day arrived, I booked a cab till the airport, I wanted to be on time, it was around an hour long drive.

The minute I put my foot outside of the cab, I was ecstatic. Seeing so many different people, there were people from different states and some were foreigners too, I could also see different airplanes standing there, and they didn’t looked tiny as my childhood brain has thought them to me, they were huge and magnificent.

I could see people from cabin crew coming with their suitcases, the captains were there too.

2.Some procedures we had to go through.

Before entering inside, first our identity proofs were checked, then we went inside and our bags had to go through baggage scanner.

Then we went to a counter where they weighed our bags and since I had researched a lot, the weight of my bag was withing limits so I didn’t have to pay extra. Also, I had researched on what things I could carry and what I couldn’t so accordingly I have packed my bag.

We had done online check-in, also known as web check-in and printed our boarding pass.

Now, we had to go to security, I am aware that many people hate waiting in security line, but since it was my first time, I was thoroughly enjoying every procedure. I enjoyed the waiting in the security line too. Although, luckily the queue was not long.

After all this we just have to wait. We were hungry so we decided to eat something, ordered a sandwich, and the price of the food at airport was the only thing I didn’t enjoy. I mean it was more than double the standard rates.

3. The never ending wait for the flight.

Just 30 minutes before the expected arrival of our flight,we came to know that our flight has been delayed, not just once, our flight was delayed twice.

I couldn’t wait to be on the flight, and it was getting delayed again and agin. Well, I didn’t mind much. We were sitting close to our gate. But at the end moment they decided to change our gate too. We ran towards the new gate.

Flight view
My first flight view.


Well, this time our flight finally arrived, I was afraid that they might cancel our flight, as it has been already delayed tiwce andany flights were getting cancelled that day. But, thankfully, it didn’t happen.


4. I boarded the flight, finally, wohoo.

A queue was formed and slowly and steadily we were walking close to the gate, our boarding passes were checked and then there we were finding our seats, and finally sitting in those. That feeling of sitting in the flight for first time is beyond words. I opened the window and looked outside, the view ufffff, people carrying luggages, cabin crew coming, people running towards the flight.

Then the plane started moving and my heart started pounded, I had heard stories of people facing trouble when the plane flies. I was a bit terrified too.

I loved every moment of it, I loved when the captain welcomed us, I loved it when the cabin crew was giving instructions, as a memory I took multiple picture and multiple audio recordings. That day the weather was cloudy and I just looked outside to see those beautiful clouds, the pictures definitely couldn’t capture it’s true beauty. But it looked like heaven to me. And also when we were up in the sky, there was nothing to be terrified of. I looked down and everything looked so tiny, I remembered my childhood when I used to see above and look at the timy little aeroplane, now it was the other way round.

Beautiful clouds on my first flight experience
Beautiful clouds.


5. My thoughts

Sitting there watching the earth, I was thinking like me and my brother there would be may other kids too who would be waving at this plane, I just wanted to let them know that I am waving back at you too. I knew nobody would be able to see it, but I still waved my hands to say those little kids “bye,bye”.

Earth view from flight
Saying bye bye to kids.


6. We reached our destination.

It was not a long flight, it was just a 2 hour flight. We soon reached our destination which was Bhubaneswar. And then we had to wait for our baggage to arrive at Bhubaneswar airport. I enjoyed waiting for that too.

7. I am grateful.

I am so grateful for every tiny little experience of my life, grateful for this experience too. Hoping that there will be more such flight trips for me. But there is nothing like the first experience and I wanted to fully capture that first experience.

For some people it might be a completely normal thing and would not mean so much. But, for a person like me, who comes from an extremely middle class background, even tiny little things like these matters a lot.

So, that was all about my first flight experience. Do you also remember your first flight experience? Do share them, I would love to read all about it.

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