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Let’s cherish the child within us!

As we grew older did we ever took out the time to cherish the child within us? When someone asks us about the most beautiful phase of our lives…most probably the answer is ‘our childhood‘. Think for yourself? What is your most favourite part of your life? I know 90 percent of people will say that it is their childhood.

Well, why shouldn’t it be? It is the time we did what we love with no fear of judgement,no fear of failure, we were never afraid to imagine anything however big it was. We could be a millionaire and a pilot and an actor and what not..all in a single day.

But what happened as we grew up?….

Life happened“🙂. We now knew the difference between castes, poor and rich, fair and black, failure and success, the importance of money, the value of promotion and what not.

In this so called race we have killed the child within us.

Let's cherish the child within us

But let’s take some time from our lives to cherish the child within us. Let’s try and be curious as a child, let’s do what we love and not fear to fail, let’s try to make every one around us happy, let’s dare to imagine big as a child.

Let’s see the world through child’s eyes. It is very beautiful.

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