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My Dreadful New Year experience: Part 1

Hello beautiful people, how are you all doing? I hope you all are good. If not, then just hang in there, things will definitely get better. Today I wanted to share my dreadful new year experience with you all.

But before that, I don’t know who needs to hear this, but I found this on google and it gave me some hope when I needed it. So, here it goes:

“Giving up is the easiest thing you could ever do, but holding it all together when every one expects you to crumble, that is all strength.”  

Now, today I wanted share with you all the story of this new year.

I love festivals, all festivals, not just related to my religion but every festival in general because there is so much happiness all around, there is so much positivity.

Last year on December 2022, I was eagerly waiting for new year 2023. I wanted to see everyone make new year resolutions, have party, meet my friends and all those goody things.

That time I was staying at my sister’s home for few days. I thought to return to my parent’s home before new year. But unfortunately, I didn’t get tickets for whole December.

The nearest date ticket was that of 1st January. I hated to travel on new year but at the same time I also wanted to be with my parents on the new year.

So, I decided to book tickets for 1 January. The train takes 4 hours to reach to my home. I would be home by 8 pm max i thought.

At 3 pm in the noon after having lunch with my sister, I took an auto for ghaziabad railway station.

And as luck would have it, just when I was about to reach the station I got a message on my phone that the train is 1 hour late.

Ok, now I had nowhere to go and even the station doesn’t have seats to sit. I would have to stand and wait.

No issues, it’s just some time I will wait I said to myself.

But my new year wasn’t going to be as easy, as this had to be a dreadful new year experience for me. So, 5 min prior to the train’s new scheduled arrival the train was delayed by 2 hours now.

This happened quite some time and in total the train was 4 hours late.

I was all alone, I wanted somebody to be with me that time. But, nobody was there.

Finally after so much delay the train came. And at the last minute they decided to change the platform.

The train had many boggies and the wait time was just 1 min. I wasn’t able to find my coach. And the train started.

I was terrified I thought to go in any coach, and change to my coach later. But the train and already started gaining speed, I was running along with train.



But I had my trolly bag and it was heavy, it was not easy for me to enter and I was about to cry, but as they say if in your weak moments you remember god, maybe a lenient god will help you.

And that time I saw that happen. A person came and helped me keep my bag in the coach. I entered the coach in the moving train and fell inside the train, I hurt my knee.

This was my first time doing this, so I shivered, what did I do. I could have really died doing all this. Had the timing of that person wouldn’t be perfect what would have happened. I kept shivering whole journey thinking this.

Then I asked people in that coach where is my coach, they said it’s quite far away. They even offered me seat. Someone offering you their reserved seat in indian train is not quite easy. And they even helped me change to the correct coach in the next station.

I was both grateful and horrified that day. Anything could have happened. But that day I also saw real human beings and I would forever be grateful to them. I really owe them a lot.

They helped a person who was not their relative not their blood relation not their friend, who was just nobody.

That day I decided I would also help if I ever find any person in need.

No matter how much I say I still couldn’t me more thankful to them.

So, that was my dreadful new year experience. Did you have any bad experience in new year? Please let me know I would love to read them all.


My dreadful new year experience.



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