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Still I rise poem – A hearfelt poem.

Hi guys, welcome to my blog. How are you all doing? Good? That makes me happy to hear. What did you murmur? Not good? Don’t worry it too shall pass.  Here is a still I rise poem that I have written from heart.

Generally when I feel low, I either sleep or write, I am not saying it helps me solve all my worries. But, does it help? to quite some extent, yes.

Now, without wasting much of your time here is my heartfelt poem:

How lucky is she,

murmured everyone to themselves,

every time she used to flee.

The tears she shed,

Apart from her pillow no one knew.

The depth of sadness she had,

If god was real, only he could confirm that it was true.

But what she had with her,

was her never giving attitude,

She fell,

she cried,

she cried alone,

her heart has depth of sorrows,

which made her hollow,

buried with ambitions that were never fulfilled,

problems that were never solved,

longing for true friendships,

that were never found,

She wanted to change the world,

She inspired everyone,

Yes with that heart of hers,

She selflessly helped anyone.

How to pour from an empty cup?

Go ask her, wassup?

Still I rise poem


Did you like it? Could you relate to any of the sentences above? If you have any heartfelt still I rise poem or moments you have had in your life, do let me know in the comments below.

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