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Tips to be mentally fit during Quarantine!

I hope that you and your family are in good health. In this post I will share some tips to be mentally fit during quarantine.

We know that being in this lockdown can be extremely tough for many of us.

Especially, for people who are stuck far from home and are alone. Or who have a habit of going out every day, every week or every weekend or who have a fear that they will lose their jobs.

But, let’s all come together during this time and help each other. Here, are some tips to be mentally fit during quarantine.

1. Try to get up at your usual routine:

Sleeping for too long can also have a bad impact on your overall health. Try doing some exercise daily. You don’t have to do something heavy. It can be as simple as taking a walk in your garden or your terrace or balcony etc.

2. Don’t worry if you think you won’t have a job:

There are many freshers who are thinking that due to this there will be less job opportunities for them. And there are many working people who are afraid of losing their jobs.

I totally understand it. It’s true that many sectors are in loss. But, we can’t deny the fact that many sectors are blooming too like telecom etc.

If less jobs will be left in one sector then there would be enormous jobs in other. Trust yourself. You will survive it. You are not alone.

3. Learn a new skill:

I hear this quote being viral on social media which says something like this: “If you don’t come out from this lock down with a new skill, you never lacked time, you lacked discipline.”

So, let’s all try to be more productive and learn things which we were never able to learn because of less time. I know it’s hard. But, what if you survive this phase? Won’t you be disappointed in yourself for not making use of it?

4. Spend time with your near and dear one:

Let’s try and spend as much time with our close ones as possible. Let’s share our pains together because there is no one like family. Believe me no one would understand you better than them.

5. Let’s not just keep watching news 24*7:

I mean it’s extremely important to be updated with the latest information. But, these days at whatever time you will open you news channel or social media it will be full of information with coronavirus. Let’s try and give our minds a break from it.

Thank you for reading. Also, if you have any tips on how to be mentally fit do shre them with us.

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Also, I am sharing the link of WHO so that you can see the latest and trusted information:

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