Tips to stay calm during Quarantine!

I hope you all are in good health. And are not stepping out of your homes until extremely necessary. In this blog post you will find some tips to stay calm during quarantine.

So, for most of us living indoors for so much of time can really get to our heads and it can have negative impact on our heath due to decreased physical activity.

Here, I have some tips that will help us to stay calm during quarantine.

1. Let’s try and not watch news continuously.

As soon as we turn on any news channel everywhere we will keep hearing the news about coronavirus. I mean, it’s okay to be updated about the current situation but focusing all our mental energy on it ain’t gonna help.

2. Let’s take out time to do some exercise.

Since, all of us are locked down in or homes. Because of this there is decrease in our physical activity which can definitely have negative impact on our healths. So it is very important that we take out some time to exercise.

There are many exercising and yoga videos available on you tube for free, we can make use of them.

3. Meditate.

Not only physical but mental health also is equally important. In this situation we definitely are worried about the well being of us and our closed ones. But worrying about a situation that we can’t control will not help. Just take the necessary precautions and remember we are all in this together.

tips to stay calm during quarantine.

4. Eat healthy.

I know when we have nothing to do. We just want to eat๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. But be extremely careful about what you eat. Avoid eating junk as much as possible. And take proper care of your diet

5. Don’t forget to Stay Connected.

Don’t you think that we are an extremely lucky generation because we live in a time when we are virtually connected with each other so so much.
Let’s make use of that and keep asking oour friends and family about their health.

6. Don’t avoid social media.

Social media is not all bad, it can have both positive as well as negative impact. We can use it to be inspired positively or start any online business.

7. Inculcate a new habit.

As we have a nice portion of time in our hands we can use this to inculcate a new habit. We can utilize time by reading some books, learning to play an instrument, learning drawing, learning cooking etc.

These were some tips that I thought will help everyone. If you know any more tips please do share them in the comments.

Also here is a link of WHO’s site which will help you:

Stay physically active during self quarantine.

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