The true meaning of Education.

Welcome to another blog post guys. In this post let’s discuss the true meaning of education.

What is Education?

“Education” a word we all our very familiar with. A word which is used by all the countries to show their literacy rates.

But do we really know what actually is education? Is it cramming of history dates and science formulas? or is it about preparing for the exams and getting good marks? Is it about obtaining a degree so that one can get a job?

No, it is none of them. Real education is far beyond bookish knowledge. It is not just the ability to learn facts but the training of the mind to think.

What is Real Education?

Real education is not about having a race in class where everyone wants to come first. It us about feeling excited every single time one gets to learn something new.

If one is highly educated and still sends his/her parents to an old age home, if one is corrupt, if one doesn’t respects their fellow beings, if they have no concern about the environment they live in,then i am sorry to say but it was just a waste of money, time and million other resources to educate them.

Real education is when one stops being self-centred and gains happiness in helping others, cares about animals too, has good moral values and most importantly has Integrity.

Each one of us knows atleast few people who are not at all educated but are very successful in their respective fields. Doesn’t that makes us question the importance of education? The real need of education?

Nowadays every knowledge is available on our smartphones. So it’s not just about getting marks and degrees, it’s about the positive thinking, the attitude of helping, the attitude of giving to the society and tbe ethical values we embed within ourselves.

Real education not only imparts knowledge but wisdom too and wisdom takes is ahead in life.

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