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Tips on protecting social media privacy.

We love to post every detail of our lives on our favorite platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snap chat, etc. Somewhere deep down we know that it is not safe to post our information there. But, we don’t know how to protect our privacy. Don’t worry in this post I will tell you some tips on protecting social media privacy.

But with this, we give access to the major portion of our lives information to the people who are from outside our friend and family circle.

So, how can we protect our privacy? Well, here are some tips:

1. Read the social media site’s terms

Pay attention to what information you are agreeing to share when you sign up for a social media account.

Carefully read all the terms and conditions before clicking on the accept button.

2. Use unique passwords for each social network.

Although, it’s a lot of pain to do so. But just imagine if hackers get access to one of your passwords it means they have access to all your social media platforms.

3. Use the block button.

When a spammer follows you and sends you links don’t just ignore them. Block that person and report that account as spam. It will make the social networking site monitor their actions and if many people report their account as spam, the social networking site will remove that account.

4. Don’t share private information like your full name address

Tips on protecting social media privacy.

As silly as it may sound but just your full name can help cyber criminals to find your Gmail address or even find your password. This can lead to inject ing malware in your devices.

5. Be careful about posting photos on social media sites

Think multiple times before posting any photo on the social media platforms.

Consider the scenario: you posted your child’s photo with their school name printed on their t-shirts. Well, after that it wouldn’t take a genius to track your child’s location.

6. Adjust the social media platform privacy settings.

Before sharing anything on your social media platform always be careful who can see, react or comment.

Before sharing anything you must decide whether you want it to be visible to everyone, your friends or your friends of friends.

If you want to read more tips on protecting social media privacy click here

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