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Hi everyone, I hope everyone is having a good time and are also enjoying their weekend.So, I just wanted all of you to know that I have been nominated for the Bee love award by Rising Star. He is an awesome blogger and just one visit to his blog will make u fall in love with how motivating and inspiring he is.

Therefore, do give his blog a visit and I can vouch for the fact that you wouldn’t return unimpressed.

So,here are the GUIDELINES for the award:

1. Attach the BEE LOVE AWARD LOGO on top of your post.
2. Ping back to
3. Thank your fellow blogger who nominated you.
4. Share your Definition of LOVE and How You Live Out LOVE.
5. Also, Nominate your fellow bloggers who live out love and inspiration on WordPress Blog. (Love knows no limits, so nominate as many fellow bloggers you’d like to shine your light on).

My definition of LOVE:

Well, for me love has various meanings. It is a feeling that should be unconditional. And one must have this feeling not only towards humans but towards every living being that deserves it. Also, it’s an obvious fact that we must love whatever we do else there is no use doing it. And one must never be too busy in loving every one else that he/she forgets to love themselves.

So,How I Live Out LOVE:

It’s because of the love I get from my family, my friends, my colleagues, and my beautiful readers that motivates me to get up every morning and work real hard. Literally, only all of your presence in my life in any way means a lot to me. I try my best to help everyone I care about. I may not be of great help to everyone but I believe sometimes just listening people could help a lot. As, we live in a world where everyone has some or the other kind of emotional stress and because of this sometimes we just need a person who just listens to us without being judgemental. And that may be my best way to show my love to the people I care about.

My Nominees for the Award:

Well, this is a topic that I think everyone has their own opinion about. And I really want to know everyone’s opinion on it. So, it is my humble request to whoever reads this post to write a post on the same and do tell me. I would love to see all of your’s post.

Also, Here is a blog post to my other awards.Do check them:

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2. Sunshine Blogger Award

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Are they the one? A beautifully written sad poem on love.